A middleware is like a Controller action, but it receives three parameters:

  • req: Request object
  • res: Response object
  • next: Calls the next route for the URL if the request passes the middleware

For example, a middleware that checks if a user is logged and, if so, take it to the info page, otherwise take it to the login page would look like this:

    module.exports = function logged(req, res, next) {
      if(typeof req.session.user !== 'undefined') {
      else {

RhapsodyJS is also compatible with any Connect or Express middleware! (But you got to install them in your project before use it).

So, for example, if you want to use an middleware called you-shall-not-pass that you installed in your project, you can just:

    module.exports = require('you-shall-not-pass');

Or pass the require('you-shall-not-pass') directly in the array of middlewares.