RhapsodyJS allows you to use any template engine you want! (Well, almost it).

In this file you will define the template engines you'll be using in your app, and the default engine if you don't specify a file extension when rendering a view.

Don't forget that you need to install in your project the template engine you want to use, and don't forget to change app/config/error/404 and app/config/error/500 to one of the template engines you've set!

A example file of an app that used EJS and Handlebars as templates engines is:

  defaultEngine: 'ejs',

  engines: {
    ejs: {
      extension: 'ejs',
      lib: require('ejs')

    handlebars: {
      extension: 'hbs',
      lib: require('handlebars')

     * engineName: {
     *  extension: 'engineExtension',
     *  lib: require('engine')
     * }